WHAT IS Foundation HELP?

Foundation HELP is a non-profit, non-governmental, development organization based in Musoma, Tanzania and is committed to helping impoverished communities discover and share resources that transform lives. We pursue this commitment through integrated, holistic, transformational development that is community based and sustainable. The organization was founded in 1998 and it is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs vide registration number 9748.


Foundation HELP recognises women and children as the most vulnerable victims of conflict, disaster and underdevelopment. Essentially we take a developmental approach to work among women, children and their families. We place emphasis on projects that are designed with community involvement and that are owned/managed by the community. These projects also include specific developmental goals that will benefit all the people in the community. This approach addresses the conditions that cause women and children to suffer and helps create an environment that promises a better future.

All our work is designed to bring hope and a better future to the women and children of Tanzania. Through an integrated, community-based development approach, we build community capacity to meet the needs of women and children in the areas of primary health, education, food security, water resources development, environmental protection, advocacy and income generation. Our overall goal is to facilitate and empower communities to transform the lives of their members within a sustainable environment.

Foundation HELP headquarters are located in Musoma, Tanzania, but in keeping with the policy of decentralisation, we have member groups in five districts in Mara region and a supporting office in Mwanza City.

Foundation HELP is concerned with human development, which we see as a process of individual and social transformation. This process starts where people are, with their own unique reality. It is a process of enabling that helps people recognise the resources within them and around them, which make change possible. It is not something done for them by others. Projects carried out in the community belong to the community; and thus, primary accountability for the conduct of projects is to the people of the community rather than to Foundation HELP.

We believe that building local capacity for social and economic development, rather than merely transferring resources, is the key to transformational development that is community based and sustainable.

Foundation HELP director, Chacha Wambura

Foundation HELP social worker, Christopher Gamba

Foundation HELP office manager, Tina.

Jackson Ngaraga, organic agriculture specialist.